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RCNP is national champion in Kayak category
29 September, 2019    |    Canoeing

Adrian Castaño finishes sixth in the paracaneo category at the Test Event in Tokio
15 September, 2019    |    Canoeing

Golden medal for the RCNP canoeist, Carlos Borrás.
26 May, 2019    |    Canoeing

The local athlete wins in the K2 200 in the First Sprint World Cup 2019 together with his team mate Carlos Abad.

The RCNP wins the third Copa Balear in beginners caneoing classes.
05 May, 2019    |    Canoeing

The RCNP wins four gold, one silver and bronze medals at the Kayak category Copa de España.
31 March, 2019    |    Canoeing

The canoieng RCNP team wins the Trofeo Sant Sebastià
22 January, 2019    |    Canoeing

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