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MIguel Salas wins the XXII the RCNP cooking contest.
25 May, 2019    |    Social

The Real Club Nautico de Palma celebrates the sports successes obtained in 2018
10 January, 2019    |    Social

The sports gala will award 48 medals in both canoeing and sailing national and international competitions

Joan Besalduch, commodore of the RCNP receives the award Premis Esport del Govern Balear 2018
22 December, 2018    |    Social

The commodore explained the commitment the yacht club has with sports during its past 75 years of existence.

The journalist Antonio Pampliega will give a conference at the RCNP on the 27th of September
13 September, 2018    |    Social

Guiem Patiño, race officer of the CNA now rests in peace
05 September, 2018    |    Social

The Real Club Náutico de Palma is sad to announce the death of Guillermo Patiño, race officer of the Club Náutico Arenal. He used to collaborate with the RCNP, was a good friend and a well loved person in the sailing world. Our most sincere condolence to his family and friends. He will remain in our memories.

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