The RCNP wins the Kayac Balearic Championship
27 May, 2018    |    Canoeing

The team who participated in Ciutadella wins 6 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze adding 328 points, in front of the 281 points obtained by the Club Nàutic Sant Antoni, who finished second.

More than 300 members enjoyed a gastronomy contest at the RCNP
26 May, 2018    |    Social

Juan Berga Llabrés, member of the RCNP wins the XXI Concurso Gastronómico with a Rice with Lobster

Manuel Martin wins the Mallorca Championship in the Optimist class.
22 May, 2018    |    Dinghy Sailing

Another sailor from the Club, Xavi García, finishes in second place. María Rosselló, tenth of the Mallorcan ranking and first in the girls sub 13.

Alicia Heredia feels optimistic in her preparation for the K4 500 European Championship
17 May, 2018    |    Canoeing

The mallorcan athlete is the Olympic hope for the balearic sports: she is feeeling strong in her training sessions previous to the competition that we be held in Belgrado.

The RCNP wins the canoeing scholarship finals
15 May, 2018    |    Dinghy Sailing

280 canoeists from Balearic clubs participated in the competition held in the Esperanza Lake.

Jaime Binimelis: the children that learn how to sail are diferent, the sea helps them to grow mentally.
14 May, 2018    |    Cruising Regattas

Two times winner of the Middle Sea Race in his category, he is considered as one of the best sailors in Mallorca. He started to sail with his father with the early age of 4 years.

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