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Dear members,

Autoridad Portuaria de Baleares and Ports de les Illes have jointly elaborated a regulation and common criteria manual, approved by the Delegación de Gobierno of the Balearic Islands, to whom only concerns, having the sole competencies and the last decision for any questions or doubts that may arise on the definitions to the restrictions, applied due to the state of alarm declaration, for the boats access regulations, in order to permit the owners to keep a basic level of maintenance of their boats, avoiding possible risks and damages to the these and the environment, that could arise in consequence as a responsibility for the members and the port facilities managers.

These criteria have to preserve the accomplishment of the prevention and protection health regulations applied by the Covid – 19 crisis authorities and which have been approved by the 3/2020 instruction of the third of May by the General Director of the Ports de les Illes Balears, which explains the procedure to exceptionally authorize access to the boat owners that are moored in all the ports to carry out maintenance jobs and safety revisions (direct or indirect management) under CAIB competences and during the state of alarm.

The Autoridad Portuaria de Baleares, has taken part in the elaboration of this criteria, share and endorses the procedure established in the instruction 3/2020 to exceptionally authorize the access to the boat owners to the yachting facilities with indirect management (marine concessions) to carry out revisions of the safety components in the ports of general interest under their competence.

Each yachting/marine facility and the correspondent port Captain will establish a specific regulation to control the access of the owners to their boats depending on the individual characteristics of the port (docks, moorings, access to the public streets, etc.) although the process, will require the following aspects as a minimum.

1. Access is permitted to the owner of the boat or to an authorized person by the owner (if this one is unable to attend).
2. Initially and during Phase 0, only the boat owners (or their authorized person) residing in the same municipality as per the port where the boat is moored, will be allowed to access the facilities.

3. Furthermore, when the port is on an island and in the state of Phase II and complying with the Plan for Transición a la Nueva Normalidad (PTNN), the owners or authorized persons, residents in the whole of the island (in this case Mallorca) will be allowed to access the port to visit their boat.
4. The access will be allowed only during daytime opening hours and established by each port, each of them with a safety guard service in their facilities. .
5. There will be a limited access control in order to limit a maximum of persons at the same time inside the port. Neighbor moored boat owners will not be permitted to visit their boats at the same time. .
6. Only one person per boat is allowed to visit the port.
7. Each visit will have a maximum of one hour duration for each boat.
8. Capitania and the port office must be aware at all times of the number of visits taking place in the port, knowing what persons are on what boats, keeping an updated registration of the access requests and the issued authorizations.
9. Once the visit is over, the authorized person must leave the port facilities immediately.
10. It is forbidden to leave the boat’s mooring place and sail or motor in the waters of the port.
11. If any serious damage is observed, we highly recommend the owner of the boat to hire a specialized marine company.
12. It is requested to extreme caution and adopt all the safety measures to apply in any work, as indicated in the Guía de buenas prácticas en los centros de trabajo published in the Ministerio de Sanidad del Gobierno de España, (Good practice at workplaces of the Spanish Government Health Ministery).
13. Due to the COVID – 19, any dictated condition by the competent health authorities, will be respected at all times.

The modus operandi for all the boats moored in the RCNP, will be settled by this yacht club under the referred criteria. The visit request will have to be sent either to one of these down below emails or by telephone:

1.- RCNP (00 34 971 72 68 48)
2.- Administration office for visits from 8:00 to 14:00 hours –
3. Harbour office for visits from 14:00 a 20:00 hours -

Please leave your telephone, complete member and boat name and we will contact you to establish a visiting day and hour.

We remind you that in this phase, only authorized visits from residents in Palma de Mallorca are allowed.


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