Emerico Fuster, new president of the Real Club Nautico de Palma

01 November, 2019    |    Social

The new president wins with only two votes difference over Juan Besalduch. The president states that now is the moment to gather up to maintain the integrity of our yacht club and maintain the status it has as one of the best clubs in nautical and social activity.

The new boarding committee of the Real Club Náutico de Palma is formed by:

Emerico Fuster Pons (President)

Juan José de Salabert Coll (Vicepresident)

Juan Romaguera González (Secretario)

Jorge Forteza Castro (Commodore)

Lorenzo Roses Pou (Treasurer)

Carlos Simoncelli (canoeing)

Hugo Ramón Froye (dinghy sailing)

Pilar Echegaray (vocal)

María Bover Guerrero (vocal)

Juan José Lemm Icks (vocal)

Alexis Capdevila Sastre (vocal)

Javier Torres Ailhaud (vocal)

Alejandro López Aliaga (vocal)

Guillermo Pou (vocal)

Rafael Gil March (vocal)


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