The RCNP crowns the best boats of the season

18 December, 2018    |    Cruising Regattas

The Trofeo Navidad puts and end to the Liga de Regatas 2018. Petrouchka III (ORC 1), Mestral Fast (ORC 2), Blaumarina (ORC 3) and January Sails (ORC 4) are the winners after seven different events.

The Real Club Náutico de Palma organised the Trofeo Navidad this past weeekend, last event of the cruising regatta season and awards the best boats of the local ORC fleet.

The winners have been Petrouchka III in ORC 1 of Jaime Binimelis who recently pasted away; Mestral Fast, of Jaume Morell (ORC 2); Blaumarina, of Miquel Enseñat (ORC 3); and January Sails of Gabriel Català (ORC 4).

These series are formed from 7 qualifying events. Trofeo Carnaval, Trofeo Noli, Regata Bon Vent and Trofeo Navidad with w/l courses and one inshore race, and whilst the others (Vuelta a Mallorca, Regata Yatess and Memorial Pep Estela, are offshore regattas. .The most regular boats in the 7 regattas are the winners of this trophy.

The Real Club Náutico de Palma will reactivate its activity next year on the 13th of january with a double handed regatta, Trofeo RCNP A2, followed by the Trofeo Sant Sebastià to be held on the 26th.


ORC 1 Class

1. Petrouchka III: 30,5 p.

2. S’Avenc: 51 p.

3. Nur: 51 p.

ORC 2 Class

1. Mestral Fast: 36,5 puntos

2. Xalest: 55 puntos

3. Blue Flag: 57,5 p

ORC 3 Class

1. Blaumarina: 22 p

2. Bulla: 32 p

3. Yabadaba: 38,5 p

ORC 4 Class

1. January Sails: 33 p

2. Maribel: 43 p.

3. Jano: 45 p


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