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04 June, 2018    |    Social

Letter of the President published in the magazine Abordo in celebration of the 70 years of the Real Club Náutico de Palma.

In quite a few letters addressed to the members of this yacht club, I have explained how this entity, the Real Club Nautico de Palma is focused on working to guarantee the future.
This year the club celebrates its 70th anniversary. With no doubt, we can proudly confirm that the RCNP is part of the history of Palma and of the Spanish yachting world, as well as an international reference. This prestige is obtained after plenty of hard work during years, good years and complicated ones.
Crucial moment
Fortunately we are now facing a crucial moment, as the public facilities concession that the members enjoy since 1948 is about to finalize. To renew the concession, the law obliges us to carry out a series of actions and refits that will define the future of the club for the coming decades.
The RCNP is requesting a grant of the concession renewal till 2046 under the Puertos del Estado laws that protect non-profit associations, such as ours, entities that contribute to sailing and yachting in Spain and have brought the sea closer to the citizen.
To conserve these facilities the RCNP has had to prepare an expensive and complex renewal Project for the Balearic Port Authority, for which we have been preparing the club for years now. We have to be positive when looking at the future due to the good management of all the boarding committee in the past years. The visionary philosophy of the previous President, Mr. Barceló, in the 90’s has passed on to the members and our boarding committee to keep on working hard with strength and expectative of success.
The Mallorcan style of life is aware of the sports promotion and hard word carried out by the RCNP and this is what we will celebrate this next month of July in the 70th anniversary members’ dinner.
Tradition, Sports and Tourism
The Real Club Náutico de Palma (RCNP), with more than 2000 members and families, is one of the most prestigious entities of the social and sports life in Spain. Recently it has been chosen as one of the Ten Best Yacht Clubs of the World by the magazine Boot Exclusive.

Since its foundation, at the end of the forties of the twentieth century, the RCNP is recognized for its social and sports role and has been the reference of the yachting activity in Mallorca and the driving force for some of the most important regattas in Europe, such as the Copa del Rey, SAR Princesa Sofia, PalmaVela, or the Trofeo Ciutat de Palma, the oldest regatta of the Balearic Islands.

A bit of History
The Real Club Náutico founded in 1948, arose from two precedent Yacht clubs allocated in the Port of Palma, the Club de Regatas (1891) and the Club España (1919). Both clubs were famous for organizing lateen rigged boats, boats with a typical Mediterranean rig.
The RCNP is considered as the oldest yacht club in the Balearic Islands due to its’ ancient connections with the Club de Regatas, although the official registration of the first by laws in the sports and public associations, took place in 1948
Passion for sports
Sports is the driving force for the Real Club Nautico de Palma, whose annual program covers more than 30 regattas throughout the year and which includes some of the most prestigious events in the world.
El Trofeo SAR Princesa Sofía is held at the beginning of spring in the Bay of Palma since 1968. Several clubs in the Bay make this event possible, the RCNP, the Club Marítimo San Antonio de la Playa and the Club Nàutic S’Arenal. More than 1000 sailors from 60 different countries compete in this event the year before the Olympic Games.
PalmaVela is possibly the best “open” event in Spain with a large variety of participating classes during the first week of May.
This regatta was born in 2005 with the aim to re-instore the presence of the big boat length sailing yachts, taking as a reference some regattas such as the Cowes Week or Key West. PalmaVela quickly became the “must be there” event due to its superb social events after some fantastic and technical sailing for very small boats like the lateen-rigged boats up to 40 meters boat lengths of the bigger boats .

The COPA DEL REY is certainly the most important event organized by the RCNP and is with no doubt the event with the best media coverage.
Every year this event gathers during the first week of August more than one hundred cruising/racing sailing yachts and is considered as the “Top level” regatta in the Med.
It’s “open” characteristic for the past recent years, has definitively helped it’s international impulse. Founded in 1982, this regatta has always counted on the support of the Spanish Royal Family.

Trofeo Ciutat de Palma. It is so important to form young sailors for the future, and this trophy is one of the most important commitments of the RCNP, and amongst all its international regattas for adults this is the international event for youngsters. This trophy has been organized every year since 1950 at the RCNP and is the oldest sports competition of the Balearic Islands. For the past decade it has become a reference for the Optimist class in the world, and surpasses the amount of 350 entries in each edition.

Passion as a premise

The nautical interest is born in the Yacht clubs. The sailors grow and learn in these clubs until they become important worldwide sailors and sea lovers.

The worldwide prestige of the RCNP is principally due to the focus it has on promoting the sports of sailing and canoeing in schools with more than 500 students assisting each year.

The Real Club Nautico de Palma is always working on making it easy for the young ones to be able to enjoy the sea since their early age and introducing them into one of the best sailing and canoeing teams in Spain.

The promotion of this nautical activity turns out to be a very healthy way of introducing competition to these youngsters.

Culture and society

The Real Club Náutico de Palma, applies the bylaws that govern the Yacht clubs and develops a social function of the promotion and practice of nautical sports with a special dedication to sailing and to canoeing.

The organization of international events has a direct economic impact for the city and can be thought of as a direct social contribution.

The RCNP, not only has a strong sports activity, it also contributes to culture with the organization of a social program that is a significant part of Palma’s leisure activities.

The club regularly organizes concerts, exhibitions, conferences, lectures, gastronomic encounters, etc. The entity also a chorus formed by members and friends that usually collaborates with different Balearic orchestras and musical associations.

The RCNP is a first order social driver, focused on the divulgation of the culture of the sea, and open to cultural activities.


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