World fleet racing format for the 300 Optis at the 68 Trofeo Ciutat de Palma Bufete Frau

06 December, 2018    |    Dinghy Sailing

The regatta organised by the Real Club Náutico de Palma, with 408 sailors from 18 countries, will divide the fleets on the final day in Gold, Silver and Bronze groups.

The 68 Trofeo Ciutat de Palma Bufete Frau with highest competition level ever, will have a fleet world championship format in the Optimist Class, explains, Juan Paradela (responsible for the results program of the RCNP).

The 420, Laser 4.7 and Europe classes will compete in their own classes in one area, and the Optis will have their own racing area with 300 boats divided in 3 different color groups; yellow, red and blue.  

“At the end of the days races, a new ranking will be established, and the races on Saturday will determine the gold, silver and bronze fleets for the final series, explains Paradela, and only the gold fleet will be able to count for the final victory places”.

This format is used in the Opti World Championships and it is the first this system is used in the Trofeo Ciutat de Palma.

This journey has been a good training day shared with the document Registration at the Race office.


The organization has ranked the first 20 Opti sailors, lead by Richard Schultheis, MLT (4th at the worlds), Thomas Sitzmann, USA (5th) and Mic Mohr, ,GER (6th). María Perelló (from CNArenal, Mallorca) and girls world champion occupies the 6th place in this previous ranking and her team mate Pau Mesquida, (10th) is the second best Spanish sailor in the fleet.

José Carlos Frau, second in the Optimist and Europe classes world championships and sponsor of the 68 Trofeo Ciutat de Palma, qualifies this event as a “mini” world championship and is grateful for the effort the RCNP has made this year to have these 4 top level sailors in the regatta.


Racing will begin at 10:30 weather permitting and both areas will try to complete three races on the first competition day.  

25 competitors’ guests will visit Palma on board the City Sightseeing bus in collaboration with the Fundación Turismo Palma 365. 

There will be an environmental action with a dolphin evacuation exercise at 17:00 h.  in collaboration with the Fundación Palma Aquarium, and a warm snack offered Quely, Tiberi and Gallina Blanca.


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