Seabin Project and the RCNP unity forces to fight against plastic pollution in the port of Palma

21 November, 2018    |    Social

The Real Club Náutico de Palma has installed a Seabin, an interceptive floating garbage device donated by Palma Yacht Crew.
Pete Ceglinski, CEO and cofounder of the Seabin Project, personally supervised the installation and correct function of the device in the RCNP. Pete has explained hoy to maintain this device to the club’s staff. “It is very simple, we need electricity power and the filter has to be changed at least once per day. We will deposit all the collected waste in a unique container to study the precedence of this waste and the impact it has on the sea. The Seabin will be collecting more than a kilo of waste per day.”
The sports director of the RCNP, Manu Fraga, states the importance to support environment and these kind of actions, as they improve our surroundings and help to prevent the sea from becoming a rubbish dump.


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