Swimming Pools : Beacause the water is health

The new building houses a heated pool, 18 x 8 metres, which is open during the months when the outside pool cannot be used for climatic reasons. The heated pool is installed in a very light place, endowed with large windows allowing unique, panoramic views over the port and the city. Members can practise swimming in this pool free of charge.

Furthermore a programme of supervised activities has been devised in the following modalities :

SWIMMING FOR BABIES (0 to 3 years) Activity allowing play- pleasure - stimulation - emotional experience. Share an original, unique, unrepeatable experience, to reinforce the emotional and cognitive relationship between baby and mummy / daddy.

SWIMMING FOR CHILDREN (4 to 14 years) Learning techniques to acquire basic mastery of the aquatic medium by the mechanisation of movements intended to establish motor behaviour in a more or less brief space of time.

SWIMMING FOR YOUNG PEOPLE (15 to 21 years) To acquire average mastery. Its aim is to perfect swimming strokes and the mastery of basic aquatic skills, as also to promote physical activity and sport as a regular practice.

SWIMMING FOR ADULTS (aged 21 and upwards) Mastery of the aquatic medium. Learning and perfecting different strokes and the different aquatic skills. To improve general physical condition. AQUAGYM Aerobics coaching to strengthen and tone up the physique, to increase flexibility and relaxation, carried out in the Club's covered pool.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Manu Fraga on +34 971 726 848, or e-mail him: deporte@rcnp.es

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