Environment : Because Sea is a matter of everyone

The care of the environment is the responsibility of everyone, but the Club has taken upon itself the task of setting an example in the matter, submitting itself regularly to an environmental audit, carrying out environmental training courses for its workers and encouraging positive environmental behaviour amongst users.

Ecoport : Our Port achieved Ecoport environmental certification in 2004 for its good practices carried out daily.

Environmental certification entails a permanent, positive approach which should affect all users and staff collectively and individually. The aim of the Club is to renew this and other certificates which cannot be obtained without the involvement of all. This is why we are recording on this web page the need to carry out the following practices :

Clean sea : The cleanliness of the waters of the Port of Palma is the responsibility of all users.

The principle is clear : the sea is not a rubbish dump. In consequence, respect for the environment involves NOT contaminating it either from the land or from the ships.

Saving water : In the Balearic Islands water is a scarce commodity, especially in the summer months. Saving it systematically is vitally necessary to maintain the environmental equilibrium. Regular audits of pipes, meters and towers has reduced leakage by more than 40%, but the most important thing is to reduce excessive consumption by users. The use of water guns is a civic duty and a moral obligation.

Selective sorting : selective refuse containers have been installed at various points in the port area for oil, batteries, glass, solid matter and organic matter, etc. Please use them in the correct fashion. Emptying bilges and septic tanks: The new maritime norms oblige users of boats to comply with a series of environmental measures which include a prohibition on tipping contaminant matter into the sea. The port is no exception. The harbourmaster has available an extraction pump for waste water and bilges which users can request on VHF channels 9 and 77.

Flares and rockets : The new norms relating to safety require ship owners to deposit expired flares and rockets at centres specialising in their sale. It is not permitted to throw them into the containers for obvious reasons of hazard and environmental protection.


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