Gymnasium : A gym for the most demanding member's

The sporting installations inaugurated by the King and Queen of Spain in 2004 are at the disposal of all the Club members.

Starting from a basic approach that the active presence of each member is necessary for the Club to stay alive all year, we have set up some installations and activities intended for all the family, with no limits as to age.

Cardiovascular Fitness
Máquina elípticaPress banca
Máquinas multipoleaCurl invertido e inclinado
Bicicletas spinningRemo
Cinta de correrBanca hiperextensiones
StepsCurl femoral
Zona estiramientos (espalderas)Pesos libres

A covered pool 18 x 8 metres and 1.35 metres deep. A fitness room fully equipped with the latest machines, and a room to carry out activities under supervision. In addition to free use of the tone-up machines and swimming pool, memberships allows the practice of activities presided over by supervisors for a minimal additional fee. Yoga, Tai-Chi, Bodytonic, GAP, Aquafitness, physical conditioning, swimming for adults and children and Pilates, are some of the activities available to users.

Furthermore, you have at your disposal personal one-to-one coaching services to maximise your performance.

If you need more information, contact with Manu Fraga :

Telephone : (+34) 971 726 848


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