The Piano Mar concerts on again at the Real Club Nautico de Palma
17 October, 2018    |    Culture

The Sala Magna will organise a series of 6 concerts that will look at the history of jazz. Joaquín Moreno and his group will open the cycle next 26 October at 20.00 with a tribute to Bill Evans.

Jaime Binimelis, owner of the Petrouchka III passes away.
14 October, 2018    |    Cruising Regattas

08 October, 2018    |    Harbour

The project will clear the Plaza de Sant Elm and will improve all the sports and social facilities.


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Plan B, Blue Flag and Micanga win the Memorial Pep Estela
07 October, 2018    |    Cruising Regattas

The Real Club Náutico de Palma held this event which is a qualifying for the local league.

The Pep`Estela initiates the final chapter of the RCNP Liga de Regatas
02 October, 2018    |    Cruising Regattas

A fleet of twenty boats will take part in this fifth event of the seven scheduled in this series.

Albert Torres flies in Qingdao
02 October, 2018    |    Cruising Regattas

The sailor of the Real Club Náutico de Palma participates in the Extreme Sailing Series together with Oriol Mahiques in the Flying Phantom Class.

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