Entry period is on for the 68 Trofeo Ciutat de Palma – Bufete Frau.

27 August, 2018    |    Dinghy Sailing

The traditional dinghy regatta organized by the Real Club Náutico de Palma will take place from the 6th to 9th of December, 2018.

The story of the Trofeo Ciutat de Palma has grown parallel to the club’s history. The first edition was organized in 1950 when the club was only two years of age and since then it has always been held. This perseverance which is very similar to the sailor’s determination when attaining an objective, this regatta as the oldest sports competition held in the Balearic Islands. This year it will take place from the 6 to the 9 of December and will hold its 68th edition and hopes to keep up with the status of being one of the best dinghy regatta trophies in our country. The event will count on the institutional support of the Towhall of Palma, and the partnership of Bufete Frau, a law firm, owned by the attorney and sailor Jose Carlos Frau, an important patron of the Balearic Sailing World.
As in the past years the Trofeo Ciutat de Palma – Bufete Frau has invited the Optimist, 420, Laser 4.7 and Laser Radial classes to take part in the regatta. Vivi Mainemare, sports coordinator of the Real Club Náutico de Palma, hopes the entries will be as good as the precedent years with more than 10 countries and 400 young sailors. We are expecting to host some of the best optimist European sailors and if possible to improve the high standard of the competition. Baleares is a potential in this category and deserves a competition of this quality.
Javier Sanz, president of the RCNP, has no doubt when he refers to the Trofeo Ciutat de Palma – Bufete Frau, as, “one of my favorite regattas and the one that best represents the commitment the club has with the promotion of the sports of sailing“.
The program established in the Notice of Race that is now available on the official website of the event ( will count on three racing days (7 – 9 December, 2018). Registration will take place on the 6th which is a national holiday in Spain.
Vivi Mainemare explains that the online entry form for sailors and coaches is available on the official website of the event: This website will also publish some important logistic information for all the participants. The event is sponsored by Bufete Frau with the support of the Ayuntamiento de Palma, the Real Federación Española de vela (RFEV), the Federación Balear de vela (FBV), the Asociación Española de la Clase Internacional Optimist (AECIO), the Autoridad Portuaria de Baleares (APB), the Club Nàutic S’Arenal and the official Maritime Company, Trasmediterránea.


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