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01 June, 2018    |    Social

"It is absolutely false, as all the members and users of the Real Club Náutico de Palma are aware, that 50% of the moorings are given over to commercial use. It is hard to understand how a statement so far from the truth and, additionally, so easy to verify, could appear in the media."

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The RCNP wins the Kayac Balearic Championship
27 May, 2018    |    Canoeing

The team who participated in Ciutadella wins 6 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze adding 328 points, in front of the 281 points obtained by the Club Nàutic Sant Antoni, who finished second.

More than 300 members enjoyed a gastronomy contest at the RCNP
26 May, 2018    |    Social

Juan Berga Llabrés, member of the RCNP wins the XXI Concurso Gastronómico with a Rice with Lobster

Manuel Martin wins the Mallorca Championship in the Optimist class.
22 May, 2018    |    Dinghy Sailing

Another sailor from the Club, Xavi García, finishes in second place. María Rosselló, tenth of the Mallorcan ranking and first in the girls sub 13.

Alicia Heredia feels optimistic in her preparation for the K4 500 European Championship
17 May, 2018    |    Canoeing

The mallorcan athlete is the Olympic hope for the balearic sports: she is feeeling strong in her training sessions previous to the competition that we be held in Belgrado.

The RCNP wins the canoeing scholarship finals
15 May, 2018    |    Dinghy Sailing

280 canoeists from Balearic clubs participated in the competition held in the Esperanza Lake.

Jaime Binimelis: the children that learn how to sail are diferent, the sea helps them to grow mentally.
14 May, 2018    |    Cruising Regattas

Two times winner of the Middle Sea Race in his category, he is considered as one of the best sailors in Mallorca. He started to sail with his father with the early age of 4 years.

The sports department of Palma (IME) and the RCNP bring the sea closer to the citizens.
11 May, 2018    |    Social

The townhall of Palma and the club have organised sailing courses, free of cost, that will bring the sea closer to the citizens. The courses will be given in sailing school boats and canoes, in total 156 places during 3 days from the 17th of May onwards.

RCNP and the Ports IB join efforts to relaunch the Vuelta a Mallorca regatta
30 April, 2018    |    Dinghy Sailing

The competition has 20 pre-entries that will take part on three weekends in May. The event has been presented during the Palma Boat Show by Marc Pons, the Territorial , Energy and Movement councilor.

The RCNP is second in the national Team Championship of canoeist beginners.
28 April, 2018    |    Canoeing

More than 700 canoeist from 96 clubs gather up in Mallorca. Marcus Cooper takes gold in a historic championship. it is the second national event held in the island.

Mathilde heads for the Record Sailing Around Mallorca
26 April, 2018    |    Cruising Regattas

This CS 50 from Switzerland will try the intent this saturday, departing from the RCNP at 10:00 am. The record is at present 17 hours , 14 minutes and 39 seconds by the Maxi UCA

Petrouchka III wins the Volta a Mallorca
22 April, 2018    |    Cruising Regattas

Jaime Binimelis, owner of Petrouchka, proves to have the sufficient patience to overcome the lack of wind in this edition and wins after 45 hours sailing around Mallorca. In 2015 it only took him 26 hours. only 2 boats crossed the finishing line in their time limits.

The spanish lottery ONCE of the 1rst of August will be dedicated to the 37 Copa del Rey MAPFRE.
18 April, 2018    |    Regattas

The Real Club Náutico de Palma and the social entity have signed an agreement that will include the promotion of marina sports for blind or with severe sight deficiency.

Jordi Lladó wins bronze 16 at the European Laser 4.7 Championship
14 April, 2018    |    Dinghy Sailing

Xavi Garcia, silver medal in the SUB 13 category and Laura Martinez , bronze medal in the Optis National Championship.
01 April, 2018    |    Dinghy Sailing

Grand sailing for the ORC and one designs, on the last racing day at the 49 Trofeo Princesa Sofia Iberostar
01 April, 2018    |    Cruising Regattas

A typical Embat day closes the regatta, prologue of the olympic week which will host more than 1200 sailors in the Bay of Palma. The winners in the cruising and one design fleets are: Meerblickd 21 (Dragón), Ibo.es (J80), Nadir (ORC 1-2), Airlan Aermec (ORC 3), Mestral Fast (ORC 4) y Fehurihi (Grupo E).

Maria Bover and Catalina Homar, are the new 420 ladies Spanish Champions,
31 March, 2018    |    Dinghy Sailing

The mallorquin sailors from the RCNP and the CNA, finished 5th overall.

ORC, Dragons and J80 open one of the most important Sofias of its time life
29 March, 2018    |    Cruising Regattas

Watches of Switzerland, is the new official jewelry store of the RCNP for the next three years.
20 March, 2018    |    Cruising Regattas

The RCNP is now member of the best clubs in the world.
14 March, 2018    |    Social

it is now part of the ICOYC (International Council of Yacht Clubs), one of the most prestigious yachting associations in the world.




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