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Six winners at the Bon Vent regatta.
11 November, 2018    |    Cruising Regattas

Airlan Aermec (ORC 1), Xalest (ORC 2), Blaumarina (ORC 3), January Sails (ORC 4), Dino (Dragón) and IBO.es (J80) win the trophy in their classes this past weekend at the Real Club Náutico de Palma

08 November, 2018    |    Cruising Regattas

The regatta organised by the RCNP hopes to gather more than 40 boats this weekend.

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Golden week for the RCNP sailors, Jordi Llado and Maria Bover, both win at the Laser and 420 National Championships.
04 November, 2018    |    Dinghy Sailing

30 October, 2018    |    Dinghy Sailing

The event organized by the Real Club Náutico de Palma will count on four of the TOP 10 sailors of the past Opti World Champiionship.

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The Piano Mar concerts on again at the Real Club Nautico de Palma
17 October, 2018    |    Culture

The Sala Magna will organise a series of 6 concerts that will look at the history of jazz. Joaquín Moreno and his group will open the cycle next 26 October at 20.00 with a tribute to Bill Evans.

Jaime Binimelis, owner of the Petrouchka III passes away.
14 October, 2018    |    Cruising Regattas

08 October, 2018    |    Harbour

The project will clear the Plaza de Sant Elm and will improve all the sports and social facilities.


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Plan B, Blue Flag and Micanga win the Memorial Pep Estela
07 October, 2018    |    Cruising Regattas

The Real Club Náutico de Palma held this event which is a qualifying for the local league.

The Pep`Estela initiates the final chapter of the RCNP Liga de Regatas
02 October, 2018    |    Cruising Regattas

A fleet of twenty boats will take part in this fifth event of the seven scheduled in this series.

Albert Torres flies in Qingdao
02 October, 2018    |    Cruising Regattas

The sailor of the Real Club Náutico de Palma participates in the Extreme Sailing Series together with Oriol Mahiques in the Flying Phantom Class.


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